Commission an Original

Cassy Tully’s commissioned art celebrates your most treasured moments and places. Whether it’s the thundering waves and surging foam of the ocean; the vivid expanse of green and the rush of excitement as you sank a hole-in-one, or your family’s home, blanketed by glittering snow, capturing these moments on canvas with a Cassy Tully original painting preserves your memories and creates an enduring legacy.

Cassy’s signature relief-painting technique is inspired by the warm light, rich architecture, and colorful landscapes of Italy. Her use of metallic and iridescent paint captures the delicate play of light and sculptural richness of each setting.

Celebrate your club, commemorate an event, and capture cherished memories with a Cassy Tully original masterpiece. Select print and framed art that speak to the history, drama, and beauty of the places that matter most to you. To commission a Cassy Tully original masterpiece, call 920-698-6201.


Cassy Tully Collection

Cassy is continually inspired by the beauty around her, creating original paintings that depict memories, celebrate moments, and share the joy of life around us. Her collection of sports and lifestyle art reveals her commitment to finding the best in life and capturing it on canvas.

Many of the paintings are available in Cassy's online shop as beautiful prints, and framing options include jet black or a rich, espresso brown. Both wood grain options are flat profile, 1 ¼” wide. 

Golf Masterpieces

Legendary courses and timeless artwork. The two meet on the canvas of a Cassy Tully golf painting.

Her original golf artwork celebrates the iconic character, powerful energy, and storied history of golf. Imbued with rich dimensionality, her paintings reveal a play of light, celebrating each course’s exclusive character, rich history, and enduring legacy. Collected worldwide, these paintings forge a vital connection between prestigious golf clubs, the champions they create, and the fans whose pilgrimage draws them to this legendary sport.

The American Club

Through her signature relief-painting technique, Cassy presents the European-inspired elegance and splendor of The American Club, a retreat into Old World charm. Cassy's sparkling, textural surface brings to life memorable moments.

This collection of paintings is available at The Emporium Gift Shop, and online at


Riverbend perfectly pairs enchanting architecture with a luxurious landscape. Cassy's signature relief-painting technique, savory palette, and radiant play of light add sophisticated sparkle to the exquisite grandeur and timeless romance of Riverbend.

Kohler Events

Cassy participates in events throughout the
area to share her gift and create beautiful, lasting memories using her signature technique.

Kohler Food and Wine Experience
posters are available for purchase at
The Emporium Gift Shop.

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to celebrate the special place your pet has in your family. Using her signature texture and detailing, Cassy enhances portrait photos printed on canvas with brushstrokes of paint to bring out the expressive joy of your cherished pet.

An 8” X 10” portrait includes professional framing and an engraved plate starting at $300. Other sizes and custom options are also available; please contact us for specific prices.

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to create a family keepsake at a generous price point. To order yours, email a photo to or call the studio at 920-698-6201.


Licensed Artwork

Cassy Tully’s original licensed artwork has graced the covers of books and added a note of distinction to wine labels. Through her branding partnerships, your company’s logo can appear on original artwork and printed materials. 

To learn more about licensed artwork opportunities, please email or call the studio at 920-698-6201.