Cassy Tully - 2017 Collectors Edition Ornaments Now Available


Now available in the studio and online, Glory, Cassy's 2017 Collectors Edition Ornament, shares the grace and joy of the holidays. Angels evoke a sense of timeless wonder and eternal peace, and Glory reminds us to cherish the miraculous moments of sharing the holidays with family, friends and loved ones.

Each 4” glass bulb is hand-painted, using Cassy’s signature relief-painting style, featuring a dusting of paint that glows in the dark. They’re packaged for gifting and ready for shipping.

These limited-edition ornaments are signed and dated, making a gift that reminds us of the blessings that illuminate our lives, binding us together always.

Order your Glory ornament while supplies last. 

May this timeless treasure and collectible tradition remind us of the memories and hearts that matter most.

Glory 1.jpg
Glory 2.jpg