Commissioned Paintings

A commissioned painting brings to life remarkable memories and the meaningful moments of your life. Relive treasured travels, honor the home that’s been in your family for generations, or capture a significant time or place in your life.

Throughout the process, you will be updated and are welcome to visit the studio to see your painting come alive on canvas.To commission a Cassy Tully original masterpiece, email or call 262-424-7476.

Completely Conor Pass.jpg

Commemorative Artwork

Celebrate history, honor an anniversary and preserve your heritage with a commemorative print edition and collectible gifts. Commission Cassy to create an original work of art for your auction or art collection. Commemorative print editions of this artwork extends its significance, creating options for signatures. From the original painting, artwork may be reproduced and applied to merchandise, swag or other products.

Kohler Jet.jpg

Licensed Artwork

Cassy Tully’s original licensed artwork has graced the covers of books and added a note of distinction to wine labels. Tailored to your brand, your company’s logo can appear on original artwork and printed materials.To learn more about licensed artwork opportunities, please email or call the studio at 262-424-7476.